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The following points should be noted when processing wooden broomsticks

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  1. Raw material selection: Choose high-quality, insect free, and rot free wood as the raw material.

2. Processing technology: During the processing, attention should be paid to safety to avoid injury. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the processing quality and avoid problems such as cracking and deformation.

3. Processing equipment: Select suitable processing equipment, such as saws, planers, milling machines, etc., to ensure processing efficiency and quality.

4. Environmental hygiene: During the processing, attention should be paid to environmental hygiene to avoid wood chips and dust pollution.

5. Product quality: To ensure product quality, comply with relevant standards and requirements.

6. Safety protection: Pay attention to safety protection during the processing to avoid injury.

The above are some points to pay attention to when processing wooden broomsticks, hoping to be helpful to you.

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